Monday, 17 January 2011

Faye Whittaker Decoupage and Rubber stamp samples

Here from Joanna Sheen is the latest collection of Decoupage papers and rubber stamps featuring the beautiful artwork of Faye Whittaker. Some of you may be familiar with Faye's designs as they feature a lot in cross stitch and pictures. They bring back lovely childhood memories of days spent at the beach and in the garden. I'm sure they are going to be a great hit, I know they are with me.

More adorable House Mouse stamps

Don't know about you but I adore these cheecky little mice here are some of the latest samples I have just made. This is a selection from the unmounted stamps called "Love" from Joanna Sheen collection. Do you remember the Love Heart sweets I know I do.

The Gleanies

Meet the Gleanies some new unmounted stamps from Joanna Sheen here are some samples I made for the TV show. Now I guess they are not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but if you like Hobbits and Lord of Rings you will love them. I must say they do remind me of a few folk I know not mentioning any names of course.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

Well Christmas is now over for another year and a New Year has begun, I wish you all wealth and more importantly health in 2011.

All the Christmas cakes, puddings and Mince Pies have dissapeard of the shelves in Tesco and have been replaced with Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns in the words of Victor Meldrew "I don't believe it"

No cards on this post as I am busy making samples ready for Joanna's next shows on Create & Craft on the 15th January. More of the lovely House Mouse stamps and some decoupage papers and rubber stamps from the very talented Faye Whittaker I'm sure some of you will be familiar with her work. I'm sure you will all love them.

I will post my samples on here once the show has been aired on TV, I will be sitting watching it with my leg up resting, as two days before I will have had my operation to repair a torn cartilage and will be looking forward to getting a date to have the other one done as well.